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Questions 191-195 refer to the following list, Web page, and e mail.

FILMOGRAPHY: Henry Spencer, actor

Run for your Life, role of marathoner Dale Warren

Directed by Aaron Marks

Some Prefer the Breeze, role of doctor Richie Dean, nominated for SPG Award for best supporting actor

Directed by Larry Loden

Therein Lies the Truth, role of lawyer Abner Cole, nominated for SPG Award for lead actor and won International Screen Award for lead actor

Directed by Greg Steinfeld

Show me the Way, role of scientist Ellis Charleston, won International Screen Award for lead actor Directed by Greg Steinfeld

Bandits of Time, role of astronaut Hal Lourdes, won Sci-Fi Award for best supporting actor Directed by Jerry Bradbury


Join Korinna McKay every Wednesday evening at 5 P.M. for Screen Action, a radio program featuring news and interviews about the movie industry on Slick Radio 93.9 FM.

This week on June 7, Korinna welcomes Cheri Oakland to the studio, who will discuss her most recent work, Bandits of Time II. A follow-up to the incredibly successful Bandits of Time released two summers ago, it includes all the cast members from the first movie. Ms. Oakland will tell us about the film and her experience while directing the production. After the interview with Ms. Oakland, actress Cecily Monroe, who returns as the character Sylvia Slade in Bandits of Time II, will also join us to discuss the movie. Dial 1-800-555-3944 at the end of the program if you have a question about the movie that you would like to ask our guests. And if you miss this week’s show, catch it later by clicking on the “SHOW RECORDINGS” tab after the airdate.

TO: Bob Voorhies <>

FROM: Marnie Hefner <>

SUBJECT: Screen Action: June 7 program

ATTACHMENT: Release form

DATE: June 8

Dear Mr. Voorhies,

Thank you for calling in to our June 7 program. Your question and comments were very much appreciated by Ms. McKay and our guests.

As you may be aware, Screen Action records all programs and posts them on our site for the convenience of listeners. Regulations require us to seek the permission of anyone speaking on the program before we do this, so attached you will find a release form that we kindly ask you to sign and return to us.

Once again, we are appreciative of loyal listeners like yourself.


Marnie Hefner,

producer Screen Action

Sreen Action

191. According to the list, what is NOT true about Henry Spencer?
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192. What can be inferred about Ms. Oakland?
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193. Who most likely is Korinna McKay?
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194. What is suggested about Mr. Voorhies?
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195. Why has Ms. Hefner asked Mr. Voorhies to sign a document?
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